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Edward P. Daugherty D.O.

Barney A. McIntire M.D.  

Riverchase Urgent Care is focused on providing exceptional healthcare services and patient satisfaction -

we strive to exceed your expectations of quality healthcare!

We offer a variety of services to address your healthcare needs.

Treating children and adults

for urgent or non-urgent medical issues such as:

-Colds, flu, and strep diagnosis

-Allergy testing

-Inflamed throats, ear infections and sinus infections

-Headaches, acute migraines

-Sprains, strains and fractures

-Minor cuts, burns and abrasions, lacerations

-Traumatic back pain, joint or muscle pain

-Bronchitis and continual cough

-Hypertension management

-Headaches, acute migraines

-Ear Impactions

-Flu Shots, Tetanus with pertussis (Whooping Cough) shots

-TB (tuberculosis) testing

-Hep B and Hep A Vaccinations

-Company drug testing and Personal drug testing

-Unrelieved dental pain

-Testing for bladder or kidney infection, kidney stones

-Workman's Comp Injuries

-Yearly Physicals, School Physicals, Sport Physicals, DOT Physical

Offering diagnostic capabilities such as:

-In clinic digital x-ray services and EKGs

-Splinting, casting, and suturing in clinic

-Strep and flu testing, urine analysis, drug screens

-Lab (bloodwork) draws

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at 205-988-3715


Yearly, Sports, School, and DOT


Flu, Strep, Mono, Pneumonia, and Bronchitis

Digital Diagnostics

X-rays, EKG, CT and MRI referrals